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Hi everyone my name is Bruce Lee. Yes its my legal name lol. Im from minnesota saint paul.

I wanted to introduce myself.

I own a 93 rx7 since 2004. Ive slowed down alot on the car scene but still have passion on learning and building them and now currently learning how to tune them. Most tuning I have learned is from forums, internet research, books and from my tuner from another state. I have finally pushed the button to learn how to do it myself. Save money and be able to tune local rx7's and make a little more cash to help fund for my new build.

My rx7 is built by me, tuned by my good friend steve kan from texas. Currently 570hp.

my current big project for my rx7 is the 3 rotor conversion. Plans is to build and tune it myself once put together. Goal hp power is 1000-1200 hp.

My fuel set up is currently 93 pump with 100% methanol injection.

I am wanting to convert over to e85 and still run 100% methanol injection.

I do have a question for HPA. Is there amy chance for you guys to show how to tune with the apexi power fc and adaptronic ecm? Especially the power fc cause its the most common ecu used for the rx7?

Hi Bruce,

Welcome to HPA.

Mind if I ask why you'd want to run E85 and 100% methanol injection? You'll essentially be adding alcohol to and alcohol fuel, it's not the same sort of gains as adding it to the 93 pump fuel

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