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Hey guys, originally from chch but living in Perth now, Was always a Nissan fan owning a R32 GTR back home now on the dark side driving a VE R8 that I seem to be getting tuned everytime something gets done to it, chalk and cheese from the Goddi but still having fun.

Looking forward to getting through the courses as I've just purchased the EFI fundamentals but haven't started it yet...hoping to eventually get something GM ECU freindly and road tune when it needs fettleing.

Being a car enthusiast and knowing that my car is running at an optimal tune would be pretty rewarding for me and make me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Hi Vinnie,

Welcome to the forum, what have you done to your VE so far?

Hiya Chris,

Mods done are your run of the mill LS stuff, VCM OTR, 1/78 Di Filppo headers and the same brand hi flow cats and twin 3" system.

Its running a large cam but it was in there when I got it so unfortunately I don't know the specs as they aren't on the receipts either, usual head hardware when running a cam uprated valve springs and pushrods double timing chain etc, extreme clutch which is pretty fresh and with a large cam wants to rob the cool from you doing its best to make you bunny hop in carparks and around round-a-bouts, I got 4.11 diff gears put in to off set that abit which helped and also get the cam in range a lot sooner and makes the acceleration feel much better. After the last tune after I had the full exhaust system put on it was 440rwhp I cant remember the torque number was.

It drives well only complaint which isn't bad at all is on cold start it idles fine but when you drive it first up it wants to stall off throttle but only until it gets some heat into it, don't know if the mixture can be fettled abit to counter that or not or whether its just part of running a large cam.

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