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Carl Stenqvist from sweden

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Hi everyone, just Carl here living near växjö in sweden, working as a CNC operator, and former mechanic.

Im 25 years old, been interested in cars, engines and technology for as long as I can remember.

In my spare time Im busy in the garage building cars and engines, and now wanna learn more about the tuning process.

I have a few project cars, but the main one is a tubechassi mid engine rwd tracktoy.

It was built in the last 3 years and designed to be the future home for a turbo 4,2l audi v8 coupled with a 01E transaxle. Due to cost and time however there is currently "just" a ITB'd cammed 4 cylinder in it pushing close to 200bhp. I kinda enjoy working on cars, but prefer pushing them on the track over everything.

And since my passion for fabrication and design I thought tuning would be nice to learn and get a better understanding of what I could improve on the fab side. I've always ran with a MaxxECU since my tuner absolutely loves it, wich is a swedish and very local company based just 500 meters from my garage.

Looking forward to my time here with the lessons and on the forums.

Have a good one!

Hi Carl,

Welcome to HPA, that sounds like a good project, could you share some more details and pictures in a build thread?

I've been hearing a lot of good things about MaxxECU lately, will need to give them a proper look to see if they might be of use to me.

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