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Chad from Sydney Australia

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Hi guys, I'm Chad from Sydney and I have been tuning for around 5 years on my Mainline awd but have since sold it. I recently started focusing more on wiring and started another business "Motorsport Wiring" specifically for mobile installation of ECU, Power distribution Modules and stand alone Data loggers, this also carries into chassis wiring or what we call 'Head light to Tail light'.

I own a Datsun 1000 with a 12a Rotary (Microtech)

Subaru XT Forester (Rom Raider)

Nissan R33 drifter (Adaptronic)

I have used and fitted almost all ECU's on the market currently but i don't know everything.... My favourite ECU is the Platinum series Haltech and have done those courses at their head office too.

Check me out here www.facebook.com/motorsportwiring

Cheers guys.

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Hi Chad,

Welcome to the forum, would be good to see some of your work as I know a lot of the members, myself included, are interested in the wiring side of things too. Probably best posting them up on the build threads sub forum

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