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CheapChalee, After having someone blow up the first motor, decieded to give it a go.

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Charlie here from Thailand, been having a car built (69 bug) that got out of hand. ej20, 2200 crank, Crowler adj. cams forged pistons, Link Viper ecu. New motor after the first motor was blown up on the dyno with less than 500 kilometers. The only thing saved from the old motor was crank, cams, heads. Had to buy pistons,rods, valves, etc..

So I figured that if someone was going to screw things up again, it was going to me. I am using a Link Viper ecu unit with dual fuel E20, and E91. Looking to tune on 91 first and after getting that side is done then work on the e20 fuel tuning.

Brand new to ecu tuning, was a mechanic in the younger days (69+ young) prior to ecu's. I did vibration analysis as a profession to make some money to get by on while raising a family.

During my life time I have been known for asking stupid questions just because I want to know (WHY) something happens when you perform a certain function. I try to follow the KISS philosophy in solving problems and designing systems. So beware of stupid questions.


Welcome Charlie we look forward to watching this build

Regards Ross

Cool build Ross, if you get a chance upload some pictures. My wife would love to see it.

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