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Craig from Brisbane (originally from the UK)

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Hi guys,

I'm Craig - when it comes to this tuning stuff I am a total noob but I am absolutely fascinated by the whole thing and motivated by my car which has an Adaptronic E420C which seems to 'forget' what its supposed to be doing once a year and costs me a fortune in Dyno bills! So I'm here to learn how to street tune the bloody thing and save myself some $$$! I own just about every car ever made because I'm a compulsive buyer (especially where Ford Escorts are concerned!) and of course they are nearly all projects :0/ A list can be provided by request lol! It's great to be here and I hope to take away some new skills!

Hi Craig, welcome to HPA.

No need to post a list but if you have a any favourites/current projects feel free to share those in the build section.

With your ECU 'forgetting' post up in the general section and the members will wade in to help

Hey Craig, I'll be moving over to Brisbane from the UK too in August!

Hope to see the Escorts around ;)

Mate i have the same ECU in my celica

Its not a bad unit but starting to show its age

Im sure we can help each other out with it as im starting to learn more and more about it.

Just remember if you get a tune save it straight away on your laptop as that way even if the ecu forgets it, you can load it back in again with no dramas

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