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Daniel (froggy) South Australia

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Gday guys, ive been a qualified mechanic since 2004, when i was doing my trade dynos were still relatively new and i always was interested in learning how to tune and use one but never really got the chance. Ive been out of the trade for a while chasing better coin but still muck around with cars daily to keep me up to scratch and also because i enjoy it and cant leave nothing alone haha. I have a few projects underway a vl calais turbo thats reasonably stock at the moment and i have a hsv vy r8 and 2 vn ss plus a vk group 3 replica aswell which im in the process of building at the moment with a vs roller 355 stroker and what not. Hoping to improve my tuning knowledge as im confident with most aspects but im the first to say that i dont know it all and am always learning. Will be chuffed to be able to tune my own cars or atleast know whats going on and have input when they are getting tuned. Im also into dragracing aswell. Cheers Dan

Hi Dan/Froggy,

Welcome to the forum.

Forgive my ignorance but I don't know any of the cars you've listed as projects. Could you start a build thread in the section for it as I'm intrigued, I'm guessing they're Australian domestic?

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