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DIY harnesses for auxiliary components for 2009 Subaru Impreza WRX

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Hello HPA community.

I am primarily here to learn and build confidence regarding auto electrical and harnesses. I have interest in retro fitting wiring for JDM power folding mirrors, OEM heated seats with OEM switch, and retro fitting a 2009 Subaru Forester trailer hitch harness into my car. I tried to use a local mechanic/tech who does subaru swaps into VW vans to help me with the heated seat harnesses. While we made the seat heaters function. The build out of the "harness" was sketchy at best. All of that being said, rather than paying someone to hack wires into my car. I am doing what I can to learn and build a skill set.

I have a passion for modifying cars, specifically Subaru's, and I don't know of to many people who are building any form of harness in and around the state of Oregon. If I get knack of these new skills, and attain enough knowledge. I will consider starting a side business. It never hurts to dream.



Hello Jason sounds like you are on the right track coming on board here

Hi Jason, welcome aboard, i myself just started here a few weeks back, just read your intro post, since you are in Oregon, check out a place called unicorn garage, he's on instagram as unicorngarage, I think his builds would be right up your alley. One fellow here recommended i start a build thread with my current project in this forum so others can check it out, and i can log my progression, you should do the same with your subie wiring, i would definitely be interested in checking that out. But dont forget to have fun with it, wiring can get frustrating, stick with it, the results are worth it.