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Hi i just started your courses on tuning. I will also do the wiring courses and the engine building courses. Question might be a long one. I have a 2008 bmw 135i. I presently have a single turbo precision 6266ball bearing. Port injection with an extra 6- 750cc injectors, and i run flex fuel as well. I use a box called Reflex and a flex fuel box as well. These are jumped directly into sensor wires in my dme. The box has the plugs for each extra injector. I use tunerpro rt to download the tunes i get from my tuner. And flash them using MHD flex fuel flasher. If i do all these course will i learn how to tune this by myself? Will i learn about bin files and hex files and all the stuff i know nothing about? I really want to do datalogs and adjust them myself and try again and i do have a free dyno as well i can use from time to time. Thanks for any help and i like what i see so far on my first course.

Hi Stephen,

I'm not familiar with the reflex tuning box but did have a quick look and I can't see any reason why our courses wouldn't be beneficial. This appears to be relatively unique in so much as you're essentially running a piggy back box so there's elements of the factory tuning in there as well as your reflex box (if I'm understanding your install correctly). Ultimately if you find the courses are just too left field to be useful (which I really doubt), we do have our money back guarantee so there's no risk getting involved.

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