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G'day from Adelaide, SA.

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G'day all. Figure its about time I do an introduction post. I'm 35 and live in Adelaide, South Australia. I've been passionate about cars all my life. Well, anything with an engine really. Especially love V8's. My current project is my baby, a 1992 Toyota soarer, (SC400 for our USA Friends,) which I have engine and trans swapped from the 1UZFE and stock auto to a 5.7L LS1 and T56 from a 2004 commodore ss. The ecu has allegedly got a 300kw program in it, and I have just finished rebuilding the engine after I took it to the track and destroyed the bottom end bearings. (ALWAYS CHECK A SECONDHAND MOTOR FOR OILWAY CLEANLINESS) Thanks to the HPA engine building courses, I have blueprinted the bottom end, (minus weights as I dont have the scales yet,) I have lapped the valves and just got it all up and running. Now waiting on funds to allow me to take it to the track and test again. My local track is The Bend Motorsport Park at Tailem Bend. I was running it at Mallala Motorsport Park, but I'm now closer to Tailem bend. Lol. I drive trucks Interstate, but I'm on a break at the moment due to personal reasons. Loving all the course material, and really glad I made the step up to VIP for HPA, ETS FAB and RACECRAFT as I find all the courses very informative and interesting. Thanks for having me. And I've attached a few pics of my toy. Cheers.

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great to have you on board