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My name is Chris. I'm a first time EFI tuner. I have a Haltech Elite ECU that will be running my Peugeot 205GTI. The engine is an 1.9L, single cam 8v motor. It has had in increase in compression when the engine was rebuilt, an agressive cam, head work and independent throttle bodies added and changed the distributor over to a coil pack.

When I bought the ECU I also bought a Haltech unterminated ECU loom as well. I'm at the point now where I reckon I have a good idea of what I need to make the motor run, I have the sensors and plugs required and now need to figure out the lengths of everything for the loom and put plugs on everything.

One question I will throw out to everyone though is setting up a clutch switch so I can setup up the launch control function in my Haltech. At this point it's looking like I'll use one of the analogue voltage inputs (but I'm also thinking out using a digital pulse input) and a throttle position sensor. Having said that, this is what I've figured out from some research and will be happily corrected and open to suggestions.

Thanks to Andre and everyone at HPA for putting together a fantastic tuning resource.

All the best,


Hi Chris what a great project car with the question on the clutch switch I recommend you use a digital input as the ECU just needs to know active and not active states it doesn't need to know a varying voltage, and the tps will be wired in any way as part of the install for the ECU

best of luck and do not be afraid to ask lots of questions

regards Ross

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