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G'day from central Queensland

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Thought I should start a proper intro thread.

I've been through a few stages of upgrading my FD rx7 from the stock sequential twin turbos to the BW single turbo setup I currently run and all the fuel system, clutch and diff work that goes with it, still with a stock spec 13b REW. Having been through several tunes already and living 800ks from any rotary tuners, I'm looking forward to doing my own work now that I've upgraded to a haltech elite.

I had planned on sticking with the power fc but couldn't get hold of a datalogit, I kind of get the sense it's a dying platform. Really excited about the functionality of a modern ecu though and I'm not looking back.

Ultimately I'm looking to get my car down the strip quicker, the local track is hot and dusty. Best I've managed so far is 12.9 @ 111mph un-prepped track and on Bridgestone re003s.

Previous tuner left a ton of mid range on the table by not utilising the ebc to keep the gate shut so I think there's something to gain there plus launch and traction control will be utilised.


Hey there Anders, yes Zac who worked here also had a lot of trouble trying to get in touch with them as well some time ago. A real shame but there are plenty of other options out there now at least.

Keep us posted on your progress, asides from tuning you also have a few solid things you can do there to shave off some time which is exciting =D

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