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Hi all,

I'm a qualified auto electrician and although I've been involved in diagnostics for many years, I have never had the chance to get into ecu tuning. My pet car is a (dont laugh) '68 MGB. I've fuel injected it using a Link Atom. Really just trying to keep as much of its character as I can, yet also enhance its driveability with modern tech. The HP Academy is the best resource I've found so far to get the most out of my Link - learnt HEAPS from you already.

Cheers guys!


Hi Stu great little ECU packed with heaps of good features

Regards Ross

Why should we laugh - they're an iconic little motorcar and many young people love them.

You may be surprised to learn that Jaden Smith (yeah, Will's son) used one extensively in his latest music video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82UsnbunJUs - seems he really likes it, it's in this one too - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9mOlc9IBQA NOTE, so NOT a fan of him, or his music, just saw it by chance in a video.

What other mod's have you done? There used to be conversions for converting to a proper telescopic damper rather than those horrid lever ones, and while Oselli used to be the B series engine guru's, you can apply much of the A series tuning to them as they are very similar. There was even a company making alloy heads for them a few years back - ah, seems there were several with quite different quality standards, so best to do some digging if thinking of going that route.

That said, you're probably very familiar with this company - https://mossmotors.com/mgb

Hey Gord, my ones a little less, shall we say “club Tropicana” than that one. But you’re right, a large percentage of people who come up to talk with me about my MG are from the younger generations. The motor is mildly worked, nothing crazy. It’s the sound as much as the look of these that I like. Cammy idle and side draft ITB all add to that. Most recent mod is the addition of fuel injection and wasted spark ignition controlled by a Link.