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Hi, the names Brian.

Decided it was time to stop paying tuners and do what i should have done years ago. I'm a fan of the RB and haveowned several 500rwhp skylines in the past. I've always built my own motors and built a RB2530 with std bottom end and a general freshen up to learn to tune on. I have done some tuning on power fcs and briefly on a Link G4.

I've done some of the HPA courses to help fill in the gaps in using the Link.

Hi Brian, Welcome to HPA.

Whats your end goals with the RB25/30?

With a std bottom end I'm not expecting big numbers, I'm more interested in a smooth idle and making the most of closed loop boost and knock control. There are no big expectations from this motor as I expect damage at some point. Have 2 spare bottom ends just incase.

I do have another RB2530 that made 521rwhp in my previous 32 that i plan on using after a quick teardown.

It currently has:

HKS 264 cams and springs

Mls headgasket

Arias 9.2 forgies (ceramic coated etc..)

Spool h beams

N1 oil pump with billet gears

Oil pump crank collar

CPC plenum

ID1000 injectors

GT35R 0.82 exh

Custom exh manifold

Tial wastegate

Planned upgades: balancer, large capacity sump and a more streetable single plate clutch

This motor and previous ones were fast but never idled right and were rough on the street.

In the future I'm looking for similar power but with better idle, driveability and higher avg power across the rev range.

It's mainly for the street with the occasional track day.

Sounds good, what ECU are you using?

Really wish the RB30s are readily available in the UK,

Im using a Link G4

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