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George Vangelis from Greece (Athens-Rotary Tuner)

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My name is George Vangelis, and I am owner of EasyTuning.

Our company specializes in Rotary tuning, and I am a self-learned tuner with about 200 cars tuned so far (mostly RX8).

As I believe that you never know enough, and I feel like I am tuning for the first time, every time I start a tuning session in an RX8 or RX7, I thought it would be beneficial to dig deeper and learn more on EFI Tuning.

Also, I have used only stock RX8 ECU's so far (for NA and Forced Induction setups), and APEXi for the RX7, so seeing different brand ECU's in action can only widen my understanding.

I am looking forward to learn a lot from all the information contained here within and meet other people that are so enthusiastic as me about tuning engines!

Regards from Athens.


Hi George,

Welcome to HPA, what software are you using for the RX8 tuning?


I have several software suits for the RX8.

When I was a Cobb Tuning Dealer/Tuner, I had bought the AccessTUNER PRO package.

But I didn't stay with Cobb, as they proved to be very unprofessional.

I then bought Hymee's Scanalyzer Pro software and hardware. But this didn't work very well after all...

So I found my peace with Epifansoft MazdaEdit (a nice russian guy), how is actively developing and supporting his software (including almost any Mazda, including the newer Skyactiv platforms).

If you need any other info, let me know.



I use Epifan software for the Subaru and Mitsubishi markets, I never knew it covered the RX8 in the Mazda software. I'll need to take another look at that as the price of RX8's in the UK is so cheap I've been temped to get some practise in the rotary world.

Thanks for the info and welcome again.

kalispera file giorgo. ime ellinikiprios k meno ameriki.. sou euxome oti to kalitero

Euxaristo poli.

Xairomai pou vriskontai kai alloi me thn idia trella edo mesa!

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