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Giacomo from Italy

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Tell us a little about you. What cars you are interested, where you are from and why you are interested in learning to tune.

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Hi all

My boss is very annoying so i'm here because i need help building an "interceptor-mad max style" vehicle to solve the problem XD

Just kidding

I have always been passionate about cars and my obsession is weight removal, hence i love loud, bare metal, essential vehicles without comforts.

I am not really interested in big power figures; rather, i appreciate balanced power/weight ratios on vehicles that let you feel everything.

I am on budget, but luckily i appreciate working with my hand and modifying/building stuff instead of just buying and fitting the best parts out there.

I enjoy way more the process of understanding things and doing by myself, possibly leaving some performance on the table, than just paying a professional and get quick results.

I daily drive an old toyota yaris diesel, and my 2 projects cars are 1991 range rover diesel and a 1997 slk kompressor: those are not dream cars, but rather very cheap vehicle that i bought broken and fixed,.and that left me some money in the pocket to go buy some tools

Previously owned a 2001 toyota mr-s that i regret selling: it was interior stripped, p/s and a/c removed, fitted with some used parts as exhaust headers, baffled oil pan, D2 coilovers and an apexi ECU where i did my first tuning experience, with the help of some "engine management tuning" books.

Thought i was gonna stop playing with cars and gonna spend money on more "adult" stuff.

As you can see, it did'nt work out XD

Cool bro, I'm here to steal their knowledge :) Wanted to know about tuning 4 stroke motorbikes and nothing here yet,

So it looks like ama have to ask all the right questions to get to my end goal!

Sounds like you already have a clue so hope you get what you came for! all the best!

Great to have you both on board with us and hope you achieve your goals with our help

Regards Ross

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