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Greetings from Auckland, New Zealand...was from Canada!

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Hello everyone! I've always wanted to deep dive into engine management, and tuning... now I have! I have a 2003 Subaru Legacy GT-B Twin Turbo from Japan, and a 2003 Land Rover Discovery II with the motor upgraded to the 4.6 litre. Both cars have tunable ECUs which I hope to learn on. I also have a 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass T-Top with 6.8 litre V8 that I brought from Canada... which is all old school tech! I eventually want to get into the LS motors.

Take care.

Heya Greg :)

Saw your reply on my post - so had to return the favor :)

I've got a mate who works at a land rover performance shop in auckland - and he's a mad performance nutter who is doing the superlap series here in nz in his rb28 r32 gtr - i'll bug him when i see him this weekend on if he can get any standard/modified tune files to look over for things - he's not the tuner there he's the workshop manager - so i dont know if its possible or not - but im curious now as well.

The legacy is a nice car alright - my brother in law had one (non turbo) and it was a very nice car for traveling in :)

And your Cutlass? Dyammm - you need to get out to the kumeu hotrod swap meet when its on - there should be some awesome stuff you'll die for out there - again - yeah - yet another mad mate with a blown hq holden 2 door show car that had me interested in old school stuff - personally tho im an import fan :)

Your going to love this site and all the information on it - enjoy :)

Oh... and my CEO has an EVO he races in the New Zealand Targa... it uses a MoTec unit.

Thanks Lawrence! Which Land Rover performance shop? Stag 4x4? I appreciate you inquiring!

I've been in NZ for a year and a half now...and I've been to the Kumeu show twice now, and was at the Beach Hop last year! NZ has so many passionate car enthusiasts and racers! I love it here! My neighbour has a 1973 Torano!

Here's a pic of the Oldsmobile...

Attached Files

That is an awesome Cutlass - love it! Looked sorta like it was parked out Kumeu way?

Yup - me mate works at Stag 4x4 - checked in the weekend - no promises (literally) but we'll see if he can find some useful information for you.

The Cutlass is hiding in a garage right now... working on the proper paperwork for registration in New Zealand and warrant of fitness. It looks like a long road for it to get it legal to drive on the roads here. Ugh. I have a local mechanic that will give it a look over and give me a complete list of what has to be done to it to conform to the rules.

The Land Rover is well known at Stag 4x4. I have a big folder of prior bills there! The call it the "Fire-Truck"... because its red. That is where the engine swap was done.

bwahahahaha - nice :) I'll ask me mate bout it if its well known :)

So long as its structurally sound and engineered to take the power it should be possible to get sorted in a reasonable timeframe - otherwise - yup - your friend will be giving you a heck of a list to go through - specially if there have been chassis mods or major repairs n stuff done on it.

Fingers crossed the path to registration and compliance and insurance is smooth for you (even if its long) :)

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