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Greetings from Hungary!

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I'm an IT guy from Hungary who is very keen on fast cars and race technology. I started working on my own cars mostly 4 cylinder old carburated stuff from the eastern block since I was 18, then I picked up welding as a hobby. Couple of years back I got my first 6cylinder e46 bmw with an M54B30, then I somehow got involved in a drift car build that had the same engine and a big HX40 turbo and a hungarian custom ECU called VEMS, I had the opportunity to witness and help out in the whole wiring and tuning of that car. I was also doing a lot of work on the turbo exhaust manifold and other occasional stuff, the tuning was done by a specialist who is a big name here. The result: 409bhp and 502Nm on the crank from and old used stock engine block. I read a a lot of EFI tuning and mechanical stuff, but lately got the time and will power to buy the practical engine building course and I would like to put it to good use if I build my turbo M54 in the (let's hope not so far) future. I keep my daily's looks stock, but occasionally I do performance upgrades here and there, but nothing fancy. I put up some pics from the drift car which I was involved with, and my e46 touring.



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Lovely car! Welcome to the forum. I bet working within the constraints of the E46 engine bay is a real challenge. Nice spaghetti work :-).

Thanks, the red car was an e36, but some tinkering was involved placing the big snail under the hood :)

Welcome to HPA, that is some impressive fab work and numbers.

Looks good

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