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Hey everyone! My name is Jamison and I've been working on cars religiously for the past 10 years. I went to school and got an associates degree in Automotive Technology and started working professionally for the last 5 or so years and soon will be ASE Master certified. Im a geek when it comes to math and technical stuff and I really wanted to get into tuning when I found out about it, that is why I'm here! My troubles are finding connection's and getting into the high performance world for this is my true goal in life. Fabrication, customization and the need for speed haha. Do any of you have recommendations as to how I can get my foot into the door at a performance shop or somewhere that tunes vehicles for all needs? I'm kind of stuck here and want to grow and get my name out there in the performance industry! Thanks for reading!

The best way is to start tuning. If you do a good job, people will know this and eventually they will come to you. But this takes time.

Welcome Jamison!

I'll echo what Robbert has said there. The best way is to get some experience by learning and growing your skillset, so tune, tune, tune (probably mostly for free too at the begninng) your car, your friends cars, your friends hair dressers neighbours florists mums car, just anything you can get your hands on haha.

Hanging out at the local racetrack and offering your time to teams there to build up goodwill and rub shoulders with some potential future friends and customers is great as well, plus you get to watch racing. Win win.

Also, finding somewhere you would like to work and offering to go in and help out for free if they don't have a postion for you right away either is a good start. Remember that you are not just doing work for free for their benefit, you are learning, building relationships and you're doing this without having to pay anything other than your time ;)

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