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Greetings From JRP Performance, Located in Bellflower CA

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Hello everyone! I have been a member of HPA for quite some time now, even before we opened up shop here in Bellflower California.

My name is Roni Almasi, I am 24 years of age and I am the owner of JRP Performance which is a one stop shop in California for all of the Evo/GTR Platforms.

We do everything from Engine, transmission, and general drive train builds for high power Evo's and GTR's and we also now have an In house Mustang MD-150 Single Eddy Dynamometer on which I personally tune these vehicles, Mostly re flashing the factory ECU's for the Evolutioin 8-10's, with some stand alone experience on Ecu's such as the LINK G4+ Plug-In ranges, AEM series 2, and Infinity boxes, and some other vehicles here and there, but our main focus is on the Evo platform and we have a few big projects currently that we are working on. (Some pictures will be attached below!)

We Have also recently purchased an Infinity Q50 3.0TT VR30 equipped AWD, with very big goals for parts and tuning developments for this year on the q50/q60 platforms.

HPA has been a great help along my journey and I have learned a lot from their great content and great instructors that explain everything in great detail, Andre and Zack to be specific, so a very big thank you to them for being a huge help and the HPA team for creating such a great learning environment for us like minded enthusiasts.

For now, I just wanted to introduce myself, and share some pictures of our shop and the work that we do, along with my personal car / shop car that we recently made just under 1000 AWHP on our in house Mustang Dyno.

Our shop is equipped with 3 lifts, a dedicated dyno room that we perform last minute maintenance on the vehicles on as well before they get calibrated, a dedicated engine build room, various tools to perform specialty transmission work on the GR6 (R35 GTR Transmissions) and much more!

We offer 2 Engine packages for our Evo clients and 1 package for the VR38dett Engines.

The "Savage Package" that utilizes our custom JRP Spec Diamond Racing pistons, 10:1 CR, specifically designed for 6mm longer connecting rods, Manley 156MM I-beam connecting rods with upgrade ARP 625+ CA rod bolts, stock crankshaft, King Xp series bearings, ARP main and head studs, and balance shaft elimination. This block is rated for 1000 WHP

The package also includes a full hand ported cylinder head, with combustion chamber work and polishing to reduce surface porosity and reduce chances of detonation on lower octane (pump gas) fuels and reduce carbon build up. The cylinder heads are also fitted with +1mm GSC intake and super alloy exhaust valves to increase the air flow of the cylinder head.

The "Slaughter Package" is more focused towards our drag racing clients that want to extract every bit of power out of the factory cast block, the coolant passages in the block are filled with Grut/Concrete either 1/2 way or fully filled for cars that will not be driven on the streets. We also use custom R&R aluminum 156mm Connecting rods, with the same compression custom diamond pistons with added skirt material around the pin bosses specifically designed to be used for the alloy rods. We also use ARP 1/2 Inch 2000 grade head studs, and use Stainless Streel O-Rings on the block to help with the sealing of the head gasket under extreme cylinder pressures and boost levels, We also only use A 88mm billet Callies crankshaft for this package.

All of our Machine work is performed locally, and every block gets torque plate bore/honed to get the best ring seal out of the piston rings and keep the cylinders as round as possible during engine operation.

Here is also a glimpse of my personal build, with uses one of out Slaughter Package long blocks, Short list of mods below:

.Slaughter Package long block, Long rod 1/2 concrete filled for street use.

.FP super 99 72mm Turbocharger .82 AR hotside

.Magnus V5 intake manifold.

.S90 74MM Throttle body


.Link G4+ Plug in ecu tuned by myself in house.

.Sheepey race Elite turbo kit

.ID 2000 injectors

.Bullet Proof Racing billet double pumper with twin walbro 525 LPH fuel pumps

.Custom fuel lines

.Custom 4 port catch can with 3 -10 scavenges from the valve cover, and one -6 from the balance shaft inspection port.

.Quarter Master 8 leg twin disc clutch, and much, much more!

I am happy to be a part of this awesome community of like minded individuals and I would love to help as much as I can if anybody has questions about the 4g63 and 4b11 platforms. For now, enjoy the following pictures! Thank you all and have a great day.

-Roni A