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Hi all!

My name is Wayne, and I'm 40 something year old who has never grown up :) I'm married to an awesome woman who let's me play with my toys, and make lots of noise in the process.

I have loved working on, and modifying, the many cars and bikes I've owned since i was a young fulla, and helping others getting their cars up and running.

I currently have two EF Honda Civic hatchs; one is going to be sold soon to fund some tuning tools, and the other is my project car, which is currently running a modified N/A DOHC ZC. Tuning became a 'required' skill after fitting a Neptune RTP modified ECU to get it up and running, and after forking out for a dyno tune with very disappointing results.

I stumbled across HP Academy while searching for knock monitor recommendations, and quickly joined up for the tuning package after watching the introduction videos. I have already learned some much and can't wait to get some tools and start my new tune! My son is also waiting so we can tweak his modified WRX, which we recently did a forged rebuild on.

My longer term goal is to complete my forged ZC turbo build so i can thrash my son's WRX!

Happy Easter everyone :)


Hi Wayne,

Welcome to HPA, get some pictures up in a build thread of your toys so we can see what you're working on

Thanks Christopher,

Not a lot to show at this point, but will do :)

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