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Greetings from West Palm Beach, Florida!

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My name is Evan, I'm 33yrs. old, from WPB, FL. I love math & science, and studied engineering in college. I love Turbochargers, especially the tuning challenge they present. I'm most familiar with (but not limited to) Honda, Nissan, Subaru and stock re-programmable ECU's. I grew up close by a performance shop where spooling turbos and loud dyno runs were calling my name every weekend! Over the next 15 years I witnessed a lot of seemingly very cool projects that didn't last long at all. I wanted to know what exactly was going wrong, and quickly became tired of just hearing "shit happens" at this level. It almost seemed like people's wallets were being taken advantage of, however this wasn't the case. It simply wasn't done properly from the start, and couldn't be with only an inertia dyno, especially not one with outdated hardware and software. I've wanted to learn to tune ever since and never stopped researching, learning, or helping others with such projects. After purchasing and reviewing almost all of the HPA course content offered, I'm confident, and ready. I will be attempting my first proper dyno tune in the next month or so. A bone stock 2008 Civic Si (FG2) w/Full-Race turbo kit using a EFR7670, configured with a Treadstone .86 A/R turbine housing (so we can use an external waste gate). Calibrating vai Hondata Flashpro.

Welcome to the forum Evan, I have to agree with where your coming from, shot just doesn't happen and that was one of my reasons for getting into tuning all those years ago

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