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Greetings new member And Rotary owner from the Red Light district (The Netherlands)

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Hello, new subscriber here from The Netherlands!!

My name is Elgier Andrea most people just call me LGR don't ask me why, i subscribed on HPA to see if i could learn a bit more about tuning.. I've been playing with my own car for quite some time and i thought it would be interesting to go a bit further in the tuning and learn more about it since there arent many rotary tuners here in The Netherlands.

Some info about my car:


Stock 13B Engine

EFR 8374 1.05 Hotside (EWG)

Twin 40mm Turbosmart compgate wastegates

Custom manifold and Downpipe

Custom carbon intake elbow (port matched)

90mm Rotaryworks throttlebody (port matched)

Ported upper intake manifold (port matched)

Custom big runner aluminum Secondairy intake manifold (port matched)

Injector Dynamics 2x 1000cc primary injectors X Injector Dynamics 2x 2200cc secondairy injectors

Billet primary & Secondairy fuel rails

Walbro 450 gts pump

Aeromotive fpr

Radtec V-mount intercooler&Radiator setup

Craig Davies Electric Waterpump with LCD screen

Adaptronic 440D select Ecu w/ Custom milspec harness using GM sensors (iat/wt/knock sensor)

Innovate LC-2 wideband directly connected in serial mode to ECU

AEM smart coils in direct fire mode

Aquamist HFS-6 Meth injection w/ summer module (not setup)

Tuned the car myself running it currently in open loop with: anti-lag, launch control and soon also traction control & meth injection.

The car absolutely rips on the street but really think i can get more out of it by following these courses and learning more about the engine and tuning.. most tuners either don't have time or don't WANT to make time to teach you anything so hence my subscription here.. Hoping to learn more then i already know now!

Any help, suggestions, or just talk is welcomed!!

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Welcome to HPA LGR,

That is one lovely FD!! what sort of power are you getting out of it?

@Chris250: Thanks a lot buddy, as for power output.. i really have no idea to be honest I'm running 20psi on a stock engine and premium 98 fuel (no meth yet). But if i have to guess it should be around 400whp. I absolutely blast by other FD's making 300-350hp so 400 must be about right.

Hoping to get it up to 500 with the meth and correct tuning, i've seen fd's making 560whp with this turbo on big streetports+meth so 500 should be attainable (i hope) once setup right!

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Welcome, and good luck with your course.

Would be nice to see you share your rotary tuning experiances.


G'day Elgier

Welcome to the forum, Love the car! I'll be watching your progress with interest, I've got an FD too, although mine is much more sedate.

@MVL-Works & @Zac.Perston Thanks guys! Will be sharing once i get the car on the road again mid march.. nice that you guys are rotary owners too!! Always great to share knowlegde!!

Will be tuning with methanol then and setting up my Traction control next so will make a thread once i'm ready! ;-)

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My suggestions? For now I'd be working on driveability, starting, fuel economy, etc. It's a lot less risky than trying to squeeze more power out of something that has been reliable.

@Arghx7: Thanks for your input! i have been working on the start and driveability for quite some time and the car starts and drive good, only problem that i have is that the car stalls from time to time can't seem to figure out why just yet.. Hopefully i'll be able to find the problem with some help of these courses and/or forum.

Good to know you're on here knowing you have a fair amount of rotary knowledge :-)

See if you can catch the stall in a datalog. I believe that throttlebody doesn't allow for an idle air valve or a dashpot to slow the throttle closing. Here are limits for what you can do.


I have a few logs but need to make a few new ones, the RW throttle body allows an IAC valve and i have it installed. It doesn't allow for a dashpot maybe that's my problem but not sure.. sometimes it stalls sometimes it doesn't so it's pretty random.

As soon as i get the car back i'll run some logs and zoom in on the issue

My experience with the dashpot is that setting it up is pretty critical. When I first bought my FD is was screwed all the way out and in-effective, definitely caused the car to stall when coming back to idle from a rev. That was a completely factory setup though. You might be able to achieve a similar result with derivative gain in a closed loop idle control system though... Would be fun to experiment with :-).


Sounds very interesting, i'm having the exact same problem but i'm running the car in open loop.. i need to get my radiator back so i can run some test and try configuring it in closed loop..

The Throttle body is a big guy for sure, lots of people told me its a *pain* to let idle correctly.. but i like things the hard way..

If you going to run methanol injection make sure you switch your premix oil to one that will be resistant to the methanol.

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