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Have done the wiring, now i'm onto the forum and the engine building courses

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Hi all,

Just finished watching Andre's webinar introducing the engine building course. It's something i've had an interest in for a while but only now just starting to get the confidence to try myself. I am a qualified mechanic working at Toyota in western Queensland, but i've had limited exposure to building or tearing down engines. I have a long term project car which is converting my first car: an ae92 toyota corolla into a race car (originally for circuit racing) but now i'm scaling down to motorkhana, khanacross and maybe occassionally some drag racing. I've upgraded the engine from the stock 4afe slow POS to a silvertop 20valve engine. But in gaining experience with this course i'm looking at either building a 7age 20v with the 1.8L bottom end or change engines again to a newer more modern 2zz-ge from the sportivo corollas and celicas. I will try and post a build thread of my corolla to date and what i'm hoping to get out of it. Would love to hear thoughts on the engine situation in my car and any recommendations from other peoples experience.

Thanks for having me aboard and look forward to sharing thoughts and ideas with you all in the future.


Welcome to HPA Ben.

I'll be keeping an eye on your build thread for sure to see where you decide to go engine wise and to see your opinions on the different engines. Personally I like the 20 valve engines and 2ZZ's but I've yet to have a proper play at tuning them N/A, they usually get boosted here

I would love to turbo my setup, but I ultimately built it for improved production racing and its not allowed to be turbo to stay within the regs. And i will start off doing motorkhana and khanacross so a turbo setup could prove too laggy. But I am also open to thoughts on a responsive turbo setup for that sort of application.

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