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Hello all

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Hello all

Current car is a r33 gtst running a RB30/25 Haltech ps2000 Garrett 35r etc. built by myself so safe boost levels for now, lol

Just wanted to say what a great website this is and I have learnt a lot with heaps more left to learn,

Probably not the easiest car to learn with but nothing beats jumping head first,

I might ask a quick question while im here im running a AFR of 13.7 at low temp idle seams happy there but I noticed injector cycle duty is at 1.5% with bosch 1000cc injectors and 2.5 bar base fuel pressure, 98 pulp (pump unleaded petrol)

Does this duty cycle seem ok?

Cheers all

that duty cycle is about the same as what I get, mind if I ask, why such a low base pressure?

At this stage its still only early days, but At this stage I have just left base fuel pressure at 2.5 bar to try and get the most out of the pump.

I am looking at running a 2nd in tank pump with some decent fuel lines in the near future,

I was thinking maybe until then going up around the 3 bar base fuel pressure,

To try and help stabilise low rpm AFR's and see what affect it might have on starting,

As starting takes quite a number of cranks hot and cold,

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