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Hello all from Savannah Ga.

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I'm terribly new to this with limited knowledge on tuning. I am capable of only data logging but not understanding the concept. I came here because I purchase an Evo 1 RS a few months ago. She running fine at regular driving condition but I know that the factory tune is having a hard time with the new fuel octane and atmospheric pressure. I also own an EVO X GSR with a cobb V3 ots reflash. This too will need a tune. So I am here to learn th theories behind tuning and hoping to understand and gain knowledge to do my own tuning.

We can certainly help you there Eligio! How have you found things so far? If you need help finding any specific content just let us know.

Good choice of car too, big fans of EVOs here =D

Hello CD9, I was too in the same boat as you. The courses here on HPA have helped me understand what is needed when tuning your vehicle. I highly suggest watching them over and over until you understand what you have to do. Never stop learning. ive tuned 2 cars successfully since these courses but I still have much to learn and will always keep learning. Good luck!!

@ Taz. Everything is great so far learning the basic. I litterally spend a day or two taking notes and studying. Yep I've had my X since it came out in 2008, but I bought my dream car Evo 1RS as soon as it became legal in the USA last year.

@ Gerry. Great to know someone like you started with this course and successfuly tuning. Yeah I believe experience will be the key to be more familiar with different outcome.

still so much we have to learn. but all the pro tuners started somewhere and we are just late to the party lol


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