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Hello, Ant from the uk

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Hey guys im Ant from the south west of the UK bit of a subaru nut. Build my own impreza 2 years ago currently running 587bhp entirely self taught. i have always been interested in furthering my knowledge and have a real itch to obtain the know how when it comes to mapping. eventually id like to buy a link g4 and map for myself and friends.

looking forwards to becoming part of the community and getting involved.

Also if you have a subaru check out the enthusiast club (somerset scoobys) myself and a few friends run on facebook. everyone is welcome!

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G'day Anthony welcome to the forum! looks like a tidy car, and like you're having a heap of fun with it. That's some serious power too! What sort of mods have you done to get there?

Hi zac. Thanks for the kind words, The short motor is fully built and stroked to 2.1 and uses JDM big port AVCS heads with V7 JDM cams. I have the Roger Clark headers, rotated turbo up pipe and down pipe with a version 3 Blouch gt35r turbo and a Turbosmart hypergate 45. From the downpipe back i have milltek system.

Fuel system consists of a oem tank with modified pump Assembly with a Roger Clark 340lph used as a lift pump to swirl pot which in turn feeds two Bosch 044 pumps. Engine side there is the Roger Clark parallel fuel rails and a Roger Clark FPR, i use Injector Dynamics 1050X injectors and the whole system runs -6AN Teflon lines and fittings.

Brakes wise i opted for Ap racing 355mm on front and used the oem brembo 2 pot for the rear all using godspeed g hook disks and DS2500 pads. braking seems very balanced which was an initial worry with the rear brembo setup.

Drivetrain is all sti oem apart from the act 6 puk extreme clutch and act flywheel

The ecu is an alcatek that i run with a toucan touchscreen. unfortunately customer service with alcatek is almost non existent now and the hardware is becoming outdated, the only person that can login to it is my mapper and unfortunately i cannot get hold of the ecu company to get the relative hardware to communicate with the ecu and map myself. so when funds allow and i have the confidence to map myself i will be replacing it with a link g4+

There is loads more to list but thats the main part of the spec. I like to get out with it as much as i can and will be going back to Germany at the end of this month to tackle the green hell once again. Mostly though you will find me at my local(ish) track Castle Combe which is roughly an hour drive from home.

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Hey Anthony, Car looks super clean.

Hi Ant,

I feel your pain with that ECU, we've had numerous people come to us with them and the same issues, they're all starting to make the switch to Link as it is a lot more transparent and up to date.

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