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Hello, any other vw enthusiasts here?

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Tell us a little about you. What cars you are interested, where you are from and why you are interested in learning to tune.

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Hello from where I currently reside! (UAE) I'm an American working abroad and have a thing for vw's!

I currently own a 1980 Scirocco with a 2.0 aba /jh setup on gsxr carbs, and a 1990 Corrado 2.0 20vt (bored/stroked 1.8t) running Megasquirt 3 pro. A good Nissan friend helped me sort all of the wiring and base tune a few years back. I am an aircraft machinist / welder so I have quite literally built everything in my engine bay! Its time consuming but its great to learn.

I'm here to continue to learn how to tune standalone myself, as well as learn about other manufactures as I have friends into all sorts of cars, Import and Domestic. I am more of a hobbyists but would not mind venturing into a shop after my contracting days are over.

Here I have attached my engine setup, and a picture of my beloved Corrado.

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Hello Nathan,

Welcome to the forum,

That is a nice job you've done, great!!!

I'm sure somebody is a VW fan, all in all we are all car enthusiast and do not see makes, I personally am into Imports, but like all sort of projects,

I'm in UAE aswell altho, I'm in KSA at the moment, how are you enjoin sunny UAE?? lol.

This is a really good place for learning there are several experienced members that are willing to help.

Hello Javier,

Thank you for the warm welcome!

I've been here in UAE for two years now, so I'm just getting geared up for the heat lol!! Cannot complain about that sunshine though!

I too am an import car fan, but have owned some sbc's over the years (I worked for GM for years)

Where are you located in UAE? I work in Abu Dhabi.

Safe travels to you from KSA!

Hi Nate,

I do Stay in Abu Dhabi,

Been in UAE for about 5 years,

Although I move around, Dubai, Bahrein, KSA but offices are in Abu Dhabi, was there a couple of weeks ago, now in KSA,

Me too I'm getting ready for the Heat gotta love leaving the air conditioning to get nice 50 degrees breeze blowing up on you, Lol.

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