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Hello form Northumberland, UK in an AWD Golf

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Good morning/evening,

just an introduction of ourselfs (Martin & Jess) and our journey so far building a MK5 Golf GTI.

I (Martin) started out as a mechanic right from school through an apprenticeship with a main dealer (ford) having spent much time with them i made the jump to Nissan for a better paid salary, don't we all?

During this time working for them building my knowledge i sat multiple night schools and open education in welding and fabrication, this was sparked due to the natural progression into Motorsport racing and performance modification, i wanted to start looking into doing most of the work on my own cars. Performance engine building came to me through those in the know, trial and error and tuition from a very well known builder here in the UK. I then went onto opening my own small garage with a friend and my brother, we mainly did MOT work cheaper than the usual garages to pull in the work. This then developed into me welding ALOT, mainly aluminium, intercoolers, catch cans ect i'm sure you get the picture.

That then developed into much much more from the Honda lads wanting 4-2-1 manifolds and exhaust systems, at this time i was also delving into cages for my own drift car (ps13) having completed that word spread and before i knew it people were asking for them, not only that my engine building was spreading too.

Fast forward 2 years with a few cage installs, lots of 1 off fabrication builds and proven engine builds we located into a new building with ramps and plenty fabrication tools and equipment. This is where i built my prized possession! A Peugeot 205 GTI, this car was balls to the wall all out track spec, all done by myself even down to flocking the dash. The car started out as a 2.0 8v N/A, that then progressed to being turboed for a little fun out of parts laying around the garage but that was short lived and then removed. Que the GTI6, that was fully built motor with a Holset HX40, LSD sequential box, i could list forever but i'm sure you get the picture. This was ran by an Omex ECU tuned by the local tuner on the RR. It made iirc 403bhp and for the love of god can i hell remember the torque figures.

At this point the business was in full flow, exhausts being made, engines built and even an old Ford capri was being restored but this all sadly came crashing down when i spit from my children's mother, long story short i had to sell everything and that was that. Fast forward some tears and years i re studied in a new career and became an engineer. I met Jess and we have embarked in some things in our time together! She's an enthusiastic MX rider like myself as i race here in the UK. She has already has a MX bike full nut and bolt built under her belt and is very knowledgeable around a 2 stroke engine. She is a health care professional and has no prior background in anything to do with cars, bikes or mechanics yet she has picked things up and done things quicker and better than people who've been around it for years. She really is that tell them once and they have learnt it student. Thank god because i have 0 skills in teaching! Those who can't do teach/coach i've always believed anyways, so thats my excuse and sticking with it!

So onto the car, it kinda just fell into our lap. Jess has a company car and i drive a Ford transit daily for the MX bikes. The Golf has been owned by a close friend and his grandparents from new with a full dealership service history but sadly a dispute with his ex Mrs resulted in paint stripper being tossed over almost every panel, yak!! Hell has no fury like a scorned women lads so be careful. Trade in value was pitiful so we took it off him for £600, BARGAIN! The initial plan was to clean it up and flip it, hahahah it didn't take long before i stared messing on and that as they say, was that. The car is still a mess body work wise but i went right to work, it now makes 234bhp and 496flb with very little mods and a stage 2 generic re-flash. Already i knew where this was going even before voicing it.

Having owned a MK3 & MK4 Golf i know how easy these were to tune and modify and from past experience with a crap to of power in fwd cars it was instantly decided it needed to be AWD. Literally the day after we were looking for an Audi with the quattro system, MK5s came with the quattro system in the R32 so the base was there to do so. With a little research i made a start. An Audi A3 was sourced in a local breakers and every part possible to convert was purchased for £300, again another bargain! It bolted up ridiculously easy with just half the spare wheel well being removed to fit the rear chassis and heldex! Even the mounts for the centre prop bearing were bought from Vw and welded in.

During all of this the engine has been removed, stripped, vapour blasted the parts were keeping, all faces machined and is being assembled by us (mainly Jess with my supervision and tuition). The engine will be fully built by us and will be capable of well over 600bhp (we wont be running at that though)

Now were at the point where the Halxex is being wired in along with the Haldex Controller, the ESP yaw rate sensor and AWD ABS pump, fueling needs to be addressed along with engine management and that brings us to here at this time.

Engine management other than diagnostics has been the only thing i haven't delved into and been the biggest spend for me in any build, paying tuners to map my cars has became a reluctance, thats hopefully going to change as i want to be able to map this 1 myself. We've paid for the full membership and courses to set us on our way. I have many questions naturally but i'll save these for the other forums.

Thanks for reading our introduction

Martin and Jess

Welcome mate - nice background.


Thanks for the welcome Dave!

Yeah some background but add some Ecu numbers and a few technical wiring diagrams and its all worth....nothing :D i go to pot if it can't be mic'd or welded. There's never a straight forward answer with this stuff and gets me frustrated because i'm a kinestheitc learner.


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