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Hello everyone, my name is Stuart. I'm thankful to be apart of this wealth of knowledge here, thousands of miles from your headquarters. Have had a love of cars as far as I can remember. Im 25 and almost a master bmw technician at a local dealership. Am very passionate about imports, Subarus especially. I have a 2004 sti ready to make some good power. I've always been fascinated about tuning and of course intimidated about the unknown with tuning. I have successfully built a very healthy forged engine, with around 11,000 miles thus far. I want to learn to tune mainly because I want to feel in total control of my car. I built it and want to tune it. There are many great subaru tuners in the states but being able to successfully tune for maximum power and reliability will bring nothing but satisfaction. My car was first tuned on opensource, which is free tuning, with a tactrix cable. Its works but is very inefficient and inconvenient. I know use the Cobb Accessport, which is a piggyback type system but offers speed density and some live tuning options. I would love an AEM EMS V2 but funds don't allow for it now. I've purchased both tuning fundamentals course and road tuning. Have briefly gone through road tuning course but need to go through it in it's entirety. I have a very solid understanding of tuning but want to master it. I look forward to expanding my knowledge and ability with the help of Andre. Thank you!

Hi Stu, welcome to the forum.

Why do you say open source is inefficient and inconvenient?

Obviously standalone is king when it comes to tuning but it's really difficult to recreate some of the oem smoothness

Welcome Stu and I hope we will be able to continue to help you with your learning. You've got a great base for modification and I understand your desire to have complete control over your car - that's pretty much how I got started.

The Cobb Accessport still utilizes the OEM ecu but has the ability to run MAP only rather than the factory MAF and adjust parameters live. The opensource software I was using was called RomRaider. With my 32bit ecu, RomRaider doesn't offer speed density but they do for older models with 16bit ecu. What I hate about opensource is the inability to live tune. You have to datalog, revise the map then flash. Veryyyy inefficient. People in the states have had great success with large injector and turbo setups with the Cobb.

Welcome Stu! Great to read your story and I look forward to hearing more about your build.

COBB isn't too common here,does that allow live tuning? I thought it was just the way the OEM Subaru ECU worked that it needed logged, edited and repeated

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