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Hi everyone!

Thought i'd say hello over here.

I drive a 2004 Lexus IS300 running a Haltech PS2000 single turbo on 98RON Pump gas as my daily driver. I have been given my password to my map file on the Haltech as the tuner has upgraded his dyno and now my car is too low to get on the ramps. I hope to learn some great skills from here and make some new friends

Hello Micky,

Welcome to the forum. What kind of power are you getting from that set-up?

Welcome onboard Micky!

I hope we will be able to help you out :)

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Through the factory 5 speed e-shift a650e auto @ 11 Psi 250RWKW on Dyno Dynamics

Specs -T4 Divided, Tial 44mm External, PTE CEA 6262 SP ported, vvti 2jzge with supra turbo internals, oem supra head gasket bc 264 2jzge camsahfts.

I asked the tuner for the password as he had pulled the timing back alot due to an intercooler pipe splitting on his second run of timing increase (started at 230RWKW - 250RWKW then pulled back timing to 12 deg from 10 Psi+)

98 RON BP Australian fuel this timing map is still conservative and runs pig rich of 10AFR under boost from 2psi+

Powertune is renting out dyno's so maybe after a few courses from here + investing in plex knock system ill see how she goes.

I would like to go on a dyno to see if the MBT still exists on this map. Ive been hearing people run 20-23 degrees of timing for 12psi and around 15deg for above 20psi applications.. hmm

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Did you get the oil galleries opened and squirter's installed?

No this was left alone

After 200k kms the block was perfect and even had factory hone marks present

That timing does seem a little conservative based on my own experience. Some dyno time and knock detection equipment should show you what's going on though.

Hi Micky

If you require a dyno to hire and a helping hand with your map let me know. It seems you're in the wethrill park area since mentioning powertune.

Sounds good YPT how do i get a hold of you to discuss?

My email is michael.deleon@me.com

Just sent you a email with info cheers

Hmm no email has come yet

Yamauchi from pt is that you?

Should of mate

to: michael.deleon@me.com

date: Tue, Mar 17, 2015 at 11:30 AM

subject: Dyno Hire

mailed-by: gmail.com

Hmm icloud is not playing today maybe try my gmail



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