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Hello from, Boston

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I have a 2016 WRX so far no mods, but want to learn a bit about tuning this car before I start taking to shops and let others do things that I don't know anything about.. I guess it is a way to make better decisions and also know what I'm getting my self into. If all goes well I might even get into tuning myself.

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Hi !

very nice ride :)

you can learn a lot here , more then you are hoping for :p

Hi Housein,

Welcome to the forum, that a nice scoob. Just remember there's no such thing as a daft question and you'll get all the help you need here

Here is my current build.. Stage 2.. I'm having strange fluttering issues with my BPV . I get to about 4k rpms and then the engine cuts out.. On Cobb AP. Anyone have good knowledge with FA20 DIT and Cobb AP? any help is greatly appreciated ;-)

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For whatever reason Housein, I can't access my intro thread to reply.

I don't really support anything other than the Emtron ECU right now though unfortunately to answer your question. There are a few local shops that are pretty good with your car it seems though.

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