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Hello from Brisbane Australia

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G'day everyone,

Ben Silcocks informed me about this forum a while ago when I enquired him about tuning Haltech's latest Elite series.

Always wanted to learn how to tune cars and came across this site. I quickly enrolled myself to the course and learnt heaps. Haven't got the time to finish up the course due to other life commitments but will have to stick in my head in when I purchase the Haltech Elite2500. So many tech jargons I need to understand and learn and how to make full use of it and not make mistake.

So car stuff....I currently own a 99 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro. At the moment its got a psi concepts turbo kit which consist of a TD05H 20G turbo, cast manifold etc, siemens deka 630cc injectors, Audi V8 3.5in MAF, Bosch 044 pump and it still runs on a stock Bosch ME5.9 ECU(original is an ME3.8 8D0907558DA ECU) albeit a non Australian version which is loaded with a eurodyne Maestro 7 file which I have tweaked/reflashed a little bit to aid hot starts. Whilst I could get the ECU to handle boost control, I have resorted to running Gizzmo's IBC-R closed loop electronic boost controller which so far has performed flawlessly.

I had issues flashing it due to the factory immobiliser from the instrument cluster(via K line) blocking any signal coming in through the OBD2 port. I have resorted to bench flashing but I shall run a stand alone ECU as the features(apart from knock control which is brilliant) is very limited.

My car is currently off the road and the new setup for the audi will be a 1.9L forged and blueprinted and also with a custom ported cylinder head from JNL racing with deck cooling channels. Turbocharger will be a Borg Warner EFR7064 Twin scroll T4 0.92 internal wastegate with a forge motorsport high boost actuator. Full-race motorsports(via Ringer racing) made up tube manifold as well as downpipe for the turbo. Fuel system will not change much as I reckon the 044 should still be enough to supply what I need. Injectors are custom Bosch 1150cc injectors. The rest of the hardware consist pretty much Integrated Engineering parts apart from JE FSR asymmetrical pistons in 2mm oversize. Here's some pics

Would really like to learn from Pro tuners like Andre and Ben on how to tune standalone ECUs as well as others who tune Bosch ME7.5s or MED9s, MED17s.

Wiring and tuning the ECU by myself will be a massive challenge but Im taking it up by learning through you guys.

I hope I can get as much knowledge and tech support from you guys here.



Welcome along Danny!

It sounds like you have an interesting project on the go there. I've been very impressed so far with the EFR turbo on our Toyota 86 and the 7064 should be a pretty good match for a built engine like yours. Keep us in the loop with how your project progresses. We are happy to offer any help and advice we can.

Hi Danny,

Welcome to the forum.

Have you seen the Link /Vipec P'n'P's for the VAG range? Just as an alternate to the Haltec.

With that OEM ECU is there not an option to power one of the ECU wires to allow communication to the ECU? I've only dealt with a few of them, I know some are bench only, others you can get away with an external power suplly to power the K-Line

Re: Hello from Brisbane Australia

Thanks Andre and Chris.

Can't wait to run the EFR turbos after getting reviews and raves about it's excellent spool time and boost recovery. I went with the EFR when I priced up a Forced performance GT3076 HTA plus wastegate, blow off valve, associated plumbing and suddenly the EFR looks like a good deal.

Chris, a friend of mine who's running a similar setup ECU setup albeit with Built 2L, EFR6758, E85 made up a harness to power up the K line. However I find it very troublesome to log, edit reflash and repeat as I prefer to do the changes on the go. Apparently an OLS300 emulator will allow me to do that but there's just so much the ME5.9 can do hence why I'm stepping up to a full standalone ECU.

The Vipec Plug in ECU was designed for DBW 058 or 06A VW motors. Unfortunately mine is a DBC(bosch ME3.8 originally). I could run a passat harness that came from an APU code motor to get the vipec to work if the cost and hassle doesn't go through the roof. I was given a very very good price for the elite2500 so that's why I'm leaning towards it now.

Speaking of which, I was offered a good price to run a Motec M130 through a motec guy and out of curiosity, downloaded the M1 software and compared it to the haltech and vipec. Boy it will take me ages to understand the functions and makes the Haltech/vipec look easy to use(I could be wrong).

Now my question is, if the price is of setting the M130 is close to the elite2500(IF lol), is there any reason I should jump into it? Im just a hobbyist who wants to learn how to tune and my car will be a street car which will see some track days and drags. What makes the M130 more superior than the elite or vipec?

I'm interested in more about programming Med9's as well. And like you I want to be able to do it in real time. I have a 4.2 Audi R8 V8 (2014) with Bosch Med9.1.2 .... there has got to be a real time solution for these cars/ecu's.

hello the vipec is now a discontinued ecu and is very out of date compared to the g4x link ecu that has now replaced it, I would still rate the vipec as a very stable ecu with great features, but if buying an Ecu I would buy new, the link G4x fury would be perfect and I would rate it certainly on par with the m130

\the elite is limited in data logging and aux testing functions but also a great ecu once the engine is configured.

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