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hello from Cairns QLD Australia

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hi I'm from Cairns my name's Justin I drive a nissan 300zx z32 twin turbo running a link g4+ making 256kw at the rear wheels with minimal modifications. I'm here to learn about tuning. mainly my own car and help friends out.

peace ✌

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Hi Justin,

Welcome to HPA. Have you got any more pictures of your Z? They are a rare beast here in the UK thanks to the weather we get here rotting them

yes Chris I have hundreds of pictures. fortunately for me up in North Queensland Australia we don't get cold weather or snow. although I wouldn't mind running a log and seeing how the air density and colder climates affect the engine. i have had 8 300zxs now. this will be the 2nd i have physically done all the work on myself. they are a tight cramped engine but I wouldn't have it any other way.

pics attached!!!

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Thanks for sharing, she's a beauty

Ay justin, hows it hangin. Dr300zx From mackay :)

One of the cars I regret setting the most was a 2 seater manual NA 300zx I picked up for a steal of a price. Was moving and had nowhere to store it though and had to move it on. Damn that was a good car, really miss it.

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