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Hello from Canberra, Australia

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I’ve been into cars since my early teens having grown up on Minis and Euro Hot Hatchbacks. Most of these cars had carbs or mechanical EFI. My first Hot Hatch was the vulnerable Renault 5 GT Turbo. This ran a blow through carb setup that was a little tricky to setup when increasing the boost. EFI was becoming more common and then Bowling and Grippo introduced Megasquirt! A DIY EFI module that could run your fuel system while you still relied on OEM components for ignition. Some bright sparks (pun intended) In the UK re-wrote the code and no it could do ignition too!

Since then I’ve had a fascination with EFI. The tech has moved so far in the last 20 years. Huge capacity for control and data logging have changed the game. The data logging is particularly useful for tuning suspension (with appropriate sensors) which can really open a whole new level of performance!

I signed up for the VIP package to take full advantage of course resources and the knowledge with this forum. I look forward to joining the conversation.

Hello and Welcome Warren

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