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Hello from Chicago, IL USA

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Hello my name is Erik Anderson.

I drive a 2007 Subaru WRX. I joined to learn to tune my car and maybe start tuning professionally.

Can't wait to learn!!!!

Hi Anderson, welcome to the forum.

What are you planning on using to tune your WRX? Open source, branded or after market?

Currently the car has an open source tune on it. I am going to retune it when I upgrade to the vf43 turbo, sti top mount and external wastegate with opensource. Once I am able to afford a built engine and other mods, I will be using a aftermarket ecu. I have been looking at the Vi-Pec. But, I haven't made a decision yet.

My idea for the car is to build a rally/rally cross type car I can daily and take to the road course or rally cross events around me. The car will not have a restrictor though.

What engine is in your WRX, 2.0 or 2.5? I had a great result with the last 2007 WRX running a 2.5 and VF43, STi top mount that I done, I'm sure it was over 400/400 flywheel using opensource.

Mind if I ask, why the external wastegate? just for the noise?

If you'll be considering buying a new ECU Vi-PEC will be advertised as Link now as they are shifting around their business model and Vi-PEC will now be for non-car related- applications, obviously the older models won't change if you go second hand.

The engine is a 2.5.

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