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Hello from colombia

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Hello my name is Andres i currently live in colombia i have a 1995 golf gti with a 2.0 engine im looking forward to learning a lot on this website and as far as what i want to do to my car is i want to add a turbo setup to it i already have a Garrett gt 25 turbo

i have the exhaust manifold for the turbo a tial wastegate, the intercooler setup with a hks ssqv 4 bov, i have a haltech sprint 500 ecu and a gfb g force 2 boost controller

I basically want to install the parts myself because you cant find many turbo specialist over here and most people dont know how to properly tune a haltech ecu' s almost everyone here uses megasquirt ecu's

If anyone can help me out with the installation of the ecu in my car I'd be grateful

My car uses a normal distributer and is a maf less car it only uses a map sensor a o2 sensor and some other sensors i don't recall at the moment

Thanks in advance

Hi Andres,

Welcome to HPA.

What you'll need to do is find as many wiring diagrams of your car/engine/standard ECU as possible before you start. If the car is already running a MAP sensor it will likely need replaced with one which will read positive pressures, check that the Intake air temperature sensor has an open element that will allow it to react quickly as well.

I'm not too clued up on the Haltech ECU's, can the Sprint 500 not control the boost?

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