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Hello from Delaware,USA

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I started this course because there are no reputable tuners local to me. I had my tahoe email tuned and it just dont seem correct, In stock form it was a 5.3 with 4l60. I installed a 4l80e and a 370 with a 3200 stall bounced between a couple email tuners to where now im driving it but just doesnt seem to be correct. It has a rolling idle and stall at times, recently failed tail pipe emmision test. I am a mechanic by trade and am pretty good at drivability issues on stock cars trucks ect. So here I am looking to learn and hopefully be profecient enough to help out others in my area one day. Thank you for offering these courses.

James Workman

I am sure that with your background in mechanics and this courses your are going to enjoy and learn quickly the scince of tuning . Soon you are going to be tuning your truck.

Wow thank you. Hope your right there is a lot of great information to be learned thats for sure.

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