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Hello from Detroit!

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Tell us a little about you. What cars you are interested, where you are from and why you are interested in learning to tune.

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I started in the aftermarket tuning personal projects when i was in school, and then moved to Detroit to tune for several major OEMs. I started watching the YouTube videos and I must say... Andre is one of the only guys in the overall tuning scene who really knows what he's talking about.

I work in engine performance and emissions, mostly on direct injected engines that are either big displacement 8 cylinders or smaller turbo engines. I've written a lot of posts and threads on forums over the years.

I'm in Columbus, Ohio, right down the road. good to see folks close by.

I'm looking to scrap my POS lund racing flex fuel tune, get the car and tune properly dialed in for NA, Then go with twin 6262 turbos this winter / spring 2018. My plan is to develop and run a 6psi map that I can use at Mid Ohio and keep temps inline, and a 9-10 psi tune reserved for limited use on the street.

I have already learned more and debunked more bullshit through two of these courses than I was able to piece together from other sources. In the US you can have 3 tuners. They are talking together, one of them walks off. The only thing the other two will agree on is that the other guy didn't know shit.

If I can get my gt350 sorted I would like to buy a gen 5 z28 and do the same.

Welcome to HPA guys,

I don't suppose you'd like to start a projects thread for everyone to see what your working on atm?

Hey Raymond! I'm in the Detroit area as well. I live in Taylor. I have a red AE86 running a BEAMS 3SGE, and I work for Ford as a Service Engineer.

Hi Arghx7. I've read quite a few of your post on rx7club and have always enjoyed the content. You really know your way around an essay and would love to read some of the other post you've written.

Can you link to some of them or give me a list of titles which I can bombard Google with?

Kind regards,


thanks for the kind words.

try this thread (skip posts that are trolling) https://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2746266 and the threads it links to. There are many hours of reading there. Unfortunately there will be some photobucket content there that's not going to show up since they decided to hold everybody's files hostage, but some of it was migrated to imgur.

Also check most threads I've started on rx7club (although I have a few dumb ones in there from a long time ago) for 2nd and 3rd generation sections. Use an advanced search by thread starter: arghx

Wow that forum certainly has some trolling issues...thanks for sharing though!

Thanks, Raymond! That was some great reading and I appreciate the link! Someone should put that into a wiki FAQ after filtering out the kids with daddy issues. Ha!

Your patience through all of that is admirable too.

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