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Tell us a little about you. What cars you are interested, where you are from and why you are interested in learning to tune.

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Hello from a 50 year old virgin (tuner).

Although I am not new to automotive mechanics, I worked mostly on cars that were made before the advent of EFI. From the time I could walk I began getting allot of mechanical exposure helping my Dad/Grandpa/Uncles work all sorts of vehicles. Mom tells me my first word as a toddler was "motorcycle". At age 11 I started rebuilding lawnmower/snow blower/motorcycle engines and at age 14 I started working on my first car. It was a 74' Dart with a 318ci that barely ran and was completely rusted out at the fenders and quarters. When I got her done she ran and looked so good I was able to trade her for a 73 Road Runner with a 383ci that needed the same type of attention. I had my second car finished 3 months before getting my drivers license. I got allot of crap from my high school mates for having a "hot" car that my girlfriend had to drive me to school in! I was Automotively Blessed to have a father with a full automotive service station/custom muffler shop and an Uncle right next door with probably the best body shop for 100 miles. Oh, and my Mother was the best car painter in the area as well. She is over 70 now and still get requests to paint cars! I entered the Air Force at age 18 and started a family at 20. I kind of shelved my car enthusiast nature for 30 years while the wife and I raised 4 kids. I didn't stop working on cars but now it was limited to maintaining our family transportation (lots of different vans and station wagons!). While in the Air Force I did data analysis on allot of squiggly lines that interestingly enough looked allot like scanner/data log charts. I analyzed seismic, hydro acoustic, Radio Frequency, and Optical data. After retiring from the Air Force I worked in the Computer/Networking field and ran my own business until deciding to fully retire. Couple years ago my wife suggested I'd gone long enough without a "toy" and bought me with a 2015 z28! Now its finally time I learn to tune!

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Hi Joel,

Welcome to HPA, that's some retirement gift, is it still stock?

Currently it is stock. Immediately driving it off the lot I had a trans issue where it kept dropping the 5th gear syncro bering. 3 replacements latter I think they finally have it fixed. The car is still under 3 yr/36000 bumper to bumper warrantee so I've kinda been waiting till the OEM warrantee is gone.

Ive had it dyno'ed with its stock LS7 and it has 480HP/460TORQUE at the rear wheels. Plans are for Cam/Springs and a i1 Variable speed Pro Charger which should land me about 680HP/660TORQUE (with an awesome torque curve) to the ground. The car is super fun on a road course but could use a couple hundred horse to make it insanely fun!

Great Story.

HPA is a greate place for you.

How is the tune coming??