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Hi, mick from florida checking in. Ive been a mechanic for 20 years now, have worked for different dealerships, private shops, and myself for a short period of time. I have always been interested in high performance tuning, but could never find anyone i could learn anything from, always just "order a chip", or "convert it to carb, its too expensive to deal with getting it tuned", and my favorite "you have to have a dyno to properly tune". I understand that having a dyno is definitely a plus, but it seems kind of silly to go out and buy a dyno when i dont know the first thing about tuning.....I bought a 2003 mustang gt from a guy at work just before he quit a few months back, Im in the process of converting it to a budget friendly drift missile, almost done with all the mechanical stuff, for tuning i got moates quarterhorse, a plug in hardware that will allow re-flash tuning on the factory ECU, when used with the right binary editor software. There were other , easier options for tuning, that have a more user friendly point and click type interface, but I want to see what exactly im changing, as well as wanted to carry this knowledge on to other makes/customers cars in the future. I got a book on how to use the binary editor software, however i still had unanswered questions as i read thru it, i found these video courses are perfect for my situation, available any time, and very reasonably priced.

Hi Mick,

Welcome! Sounds like you have quite the mechanical background so will help a lot with understanding and learning from the courses.

The other great thing is there is a few courses on road tuning without a dyno so will help massively there! There is no examples on that particular software, although reflashing is covered in depth and is generally pretty transferable to most reflashing methods.

You should jump over to the build section and start a thread for your Mustang so we can follow

hi chris, thank you for the tip about the road tuning courses, so far I have been going through all the old webinars, lots of good info in those, on a wide range of topics, and i will definitely start a build thread on the mustang once i get back on track with it as well, so much great info here, thank you.