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Tell us a little about you. What cars you are interested, where you are from and why you are interested in learning to tune.

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Hello everyone! Been following HPA for awhile on YouTube and decided to jump on the Black Friday special for the Starter Program! I recently wrapped up the build on a 2004 Mach 1 Mustang that has a single 76mm turbo and fully built engine and all that's left is tuning. Figured this would be a good opportunity to learn what the tuner is going to do and how I can make small adjustments and go from there. I'm also building a Miata Kart that will have a 5.3 LS based v8 in it and I will be going NA at first and tuning it myself and then eventually when time and money allows I'll be twin turbo and see what kind of destruction I can create with my skills by then! LOL I document everything on my YouTube channel so everything will be fully documented and everyone will get to see the carnage!

Welcome Brandon i do love a good Mach1

we hope you learn enough not to have an issue though mate lol


@Ross Honnor I won't be tuning it by myself. I have a friend who is very familiar with the platform that will be doing the initial tune and driveability tune. I will be doing the 5.3 by myself though.

Hi Brandon. Looks like someone else took advantage of the Black Friday sale as well.