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Hello from Georgia(USA)

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Hi all, ever since I was young(and saw the 1st Fast and Furious movie) I've always wanted to learn how to tune cars, but found that there is no formal path to take. So like many dreams I forgot about it and took a different path. Flash forward to a little over a year ago and I finished my degree in Mechanical Engineering and began the job search.

After not finding anything for a few months I got frustrated and started looking for any job just for the time being, and found an entry level mechanics job at a race prep shop. I started with tire work and oil changes, then slowly moved up to corner weighting and Alignments(which I'm really good at but am a little sick of because I've done hundreds on spec Miata, Radical SR3, Spec E30, Lamborghini Supertrofeo, NPO1, and more.) They also had me prep the Dyno, and the shop foreman was so impressed, I always prep it for him now. One day he waved me over and put me in the driver's seat, he let me do some baseline pulls and showed me how to make basic cam timing and fuel pressure adjustments; and just like that tuning was back in my life. I quickly became obsessed with it again, after a quick internet search(much better internet these days) I found HPA. I dragged my feet for the first few days cause of the starter course price, then I found the free videos of basic tuning knowledge and after watching those I thought this guy Andre seems to know what he's talking about and took the plunge. After finishing the course it only compounded my desire to learn more so I got all the courses and am slowly learning all I can.

I am currently looking for a place to get experience and my own project to start actually applying my newfound knowledge.

Wow this is exactly what we are here for thank you for joining us on your journey, it just shows if you want something bad enough anything is possible with hard work.

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