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Hello from Indianapolis Indiana, USA

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Hi all,

A little about myself.

I've always had an interest in anything you could race. I grew up working on cars but got more involved with motorcycles in my college years. I studied motorsports engineering so alot of this stuff I've seen before, but never had a chance to get hands on with it. Thus why I'm here.

After school I worked as mechanic on a professional flat track team for a few years and now I work in the machine shop at the same team.

I currently ride and race several V twin powered road racing bikes(Buell/EBR), two water cooled and one air cooled. I also coach for a track day organization.

I'm interested in continuing my motorsports education and adding to what I already know.

Thanks, Cheers


Heya, Mark! Are you working anywhere near Gasoline Alley? Indy in one of those few hidden gems of motorsport that not many many know about.

What sort of projects do you have going on on two wheels now?

I work on the west side in an area with a bunch of drag racing teams. DSR and John Force are right down the street. It's about 20 minutes from gasoline alley.

I've been wanting to get a better harness made for EBR 1190 RS. It would greatly help in service the bike when it needs engine work. Besides that I have a race motor project going for the air cooled bike, but my main focus is both water cooled bikes.

I've been thorugh that complex! You can't mistake the Force camp by a long shot!

I worked on the South side for a year, before running off into the world again, but took my RX7 all over looking for race shops.

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