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I join HPA just a little bit ago as a result of trying to find tuning info and help with the AEM Infinity series EMS. Surprisingly most of AEM support and resources are not too helpful unless you are looking for an upsale :/

Here is a little about my car and setup.

- 2000 Chevrolet Corvette

- Build 402 cid LSx based motor

- F1-R Procharger supercharger

- Powerglide 2 speed tranmission

- All the other supporting goodies

- It is setup for Drag racing

Previously the car was tuned using HP Tuners in speed density mode using the stock PCM. The car made about 1000 rwhp and run 8.80s at 8500'. In many areas of the tune, it has been limited by the capabilities of the stock GM PCM. Over the winter I decided to switch out the stock PCM with an aftermarket one. After a bit a research, I ended up going with the AEM Infinity 508 EMS with the plugin play GM 24x harness. Surprisingly the plugin play harness was nothing close to plugin and play and wiring has been a nightmare.

All of the AEM Infinity webinars have been very helpful in learning about the product and how it is used. Looking forward to any other possible webinars on it and the all the other wealth of information and knowledge here.


Thats a nice combination for a drag car !!

Keith, we NEED some more details on that car, it sounds epic! Would love to see some pictures and video. C5 vettes are my favorite shape. I've not had the chance to have a play with one as they're pretty thin on the ground over here in NZ, but put up some details of yours and let me live vicariously :-).

Hey Zac, here are some more details on the car. I will get some pics up here in a bit.

Motor Details:

LQ4 Iron Block - stock bore of 4.00" with a 24x 4.00" stroke crank

- Went with the iron block for more cylinder rigidity under high boost and RPM. Also has a full block fill.

- Moderately big cam 236/245//598/608//115

- Stock LS3 Heads :o

- Holly HighRam intake with a 102mm TB

- Grocery list of other supporting things.

FI Details:

- Procharger F1-R with a 3.8" pulley. Hitting 68000ish RPMs at engine RPM of 7000

- Big A/W intercooler with a large ice chest in the back

- Dual Procharger Big Red manual blow off values. There are a great way to limit boost. I am looking into AEM boost control functionality.

Transmission Details:

- Fully build ATI 2 speed Superglide transmission. 1.82 first and 1.00 second

- ATI bolt together Converter. Currently with a stall speed of about 5000 RPM using about 10% slippage. Need to race to start to get data for possibly changing around.

- Using RPM based solenoid for shifting.

- Using a 3.15 gear ratio in the differential

Suspension Details:

- Dual Adjustable coilovers on all four corners. Leaf springs and sway bars removed.

- Still using IRS setup in the rear. Doing a 9" conversion would be way too much work for the benefits.

It has gone through a lot of weight reduction as I have finally given up on the idea of it running on the streets again. Currently it weighs in at about 3000lbs with me in it.

Currently it is going through a conversion of electronics of the factory PCM with an AEM Infinity 508 and AEM harness. Between the factory PCM and wiring harness, the two weigh about 38 lbs as where the 508 and AEM harness weighs about 18 lbs. Nice weigh savings. The main reason to switch to the AEM Infinity is the complexity of the HP Tuners software to reflash the factory PCM. Way too many tables than sit on top of tables, that sit on top of tables, that sit on top of tables, etc..... The AEM VE tuning model is simple and elegant.

Welcome to HPA, any pictures?

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