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Hello from Lancashire, United Kingdom

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Hello all,

Just a quick introduction now i'm all signed up for various courses here with HPA!

I'm Adam, I've owned a fair selection of different cars over my time but my current toy is a 1995 Mazda Eunos Roadster 1.8, imported from Japan.

It's now far from standard, being fully caged, supercharged and running an Adaptronic E420C ECU. I've always spun my own spanners and have just put the engine back in having pulled it to replace all seals and clutch in preparation for some track days and another Nurburgring trip, it got me to thinking there's no reason why I couldn't gain the knowledge required to safely get involved with the laptop too. With knowledge comes confidence to have a go and gain experience and i'm already glad i've signed up.

Looking forward to taking the remaining courses and to get involved.

The only negative? I already want my own dyno.


Welcome along Adam!

Sounds like quite the Roadster. Pics! I've just joined the club with a wee 1.6.

Yes things snowball quickly when it comes to anything automotive as you know haha, but I'm sure you'll have fun with your tuning with or without a dyno ;)

Also lucky that you get to fang around the ring mate!

Cheers Taz!

It has still got a way to go before I’ll be totally happy with it but it’s getting there slowly.

Any plans for yours? This is the 4th I’ve owned now and definitely the most modified but even as a standard car they’re a whole lot of fun to pedal!

I am definitely having fun, snowballing and slippery slopes aside, haha.

The Nurburgring has been an annual trip for the last ten years, I’m yet to take the Roadster around though as it wasn’t quite ready this time around so I was in a friends E39 M5 and the last time I was riding my BMW F800GS! The place is heaven!

Here are a couple of snaps of my toy car...

Attached Files

Hi Adam,

Welcome to HPA, mind if I ask why you went for Adaptronic over all the others that are usually used here in the UK?

Hi Chris,

Cheers! It was simply by chance. My toy car/project started life as somebody else’s parts bin that they’d gathered for a build and lost interest in. Being totally honest, at the time of purchase a few years back the name Adaptronic meant absolutely nothing to me, it’s only as I’ve put my freshened engine into the car that I’ve taken an interest in EFI tuning really! I’d done everything to my car myself up to that point and didn’t want to give up at the final hurdle, hence signing up to HPA.

It’s an older ECU, but Adaptronic haven’t forgotten it’s existance, a quick email and they kindly sent me the most recent firmware and software available. I’ve found it easy enough to get to grips with after taking the tuning courses too and I’m really enjoying learning what does what and having the confidence to make changes.

Do you have any experience with Adaptronic? I have nothing else to compare to unfortunately, prior to this car I’d have someone else do the tuning. In fact I believe i’ve seen the name of the builder/tuner of the Cosworth YB I owned about 13 years ago, on this forum, Stu at Motorsport Developments?

I've never had the chance to play with an adaptronic but it does look like a good system.

I'm sure Stu is on here, as the way of most modern forums people don't visit them too much or often

Sorry for the late reply.

Awesome that you've been around on 2 and 4 wheels, that's dedication. I'm just a little jealous haha

No coherent plan for my wee NA yet. It was a little bit rougher than I anticipated (I bought it sight unseen) and was lowered for looks without handling being considering so just trying to get it all dialed in and a bit quieter where I can (hardtop) before moving onto making it go any faster.

I've almost always owned 4x4's so it's nice to finally have something that can sail around corners nicely. Still doesn't compare to a motorbike, but it's close =)

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