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Hello from Las Vegas, NV. USA

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My name is Fidel, we have our own auto repair business in Las Vegas. I drive a 06 Evo9MR. I am interested in learning to tune for my own personal vehicles. I just can't find a trustworthy person to tune my vehicle, so I said why not learn it my self.

Hi Fidel,

Welcome to the forum, that is the exact same reason I got into tuning originally.What have you done to your Evo so far?

Thanks Chris. Performance wise, just basic bolt ons nothing too serious. It has Tanabe Concept G Blue turbo back exhaust, HKS Racing Suction Intake, HKS Type R Intercooler kit with piping and BOV. HKS 272 Cams, and Hallman Manual boost controller. This is why I want to learn how to recalibrate the ecu to compensate for all these parts.

There's plenty of information in the courses and on here which will help, you'll even be able to ditch the manual boost controller and use the ECU to control the boost

That is exactly what i am planning on doing, to remove the manual boost controller and let the computer control the boost. I think it would be a lot safer that way and I have more flexibility in controlling boost.

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