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hello from Lebanon

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Hello everyone im Nidal from lebanon, great to be here looking forward to learning as much as I can from here. As a start the course's are very easily explained. Hopefully soon ill be able to get rid of the guy that robs me to just tune the car.

The projects we r working on are bmw's, 1 is an E36 m3 turbo on an E30 which so far is a failure the other is an E46 M3 auperchaged which is going very good but with lots of supercharger belt snapping which is a pain in the ass. Hope i could find a solution to that.

Hi Nidal,

Welcome to the forum.

Why is the E30 project a failure?

The usual cause of Charger belts snapping that I've seen are pullys no running true to one another and belts being over tightened.

Hello Chris, The E30 turbo was a failure coz 1st test run the engine started heating up and loosing its pressure. The repair was cheap. Second run was a mess. The engine ran fine until it suddenly stalled and didn't spin again. So we put it aside for now and trying to fix the other E30 with the supercharged engine. Hoping to find the solution to the belt issue. Ill look into your suggestion regarding the pulleys.

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