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Hello from North West England, UK

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Hi all,

I joined the forum a couple of weeks ago and think it's about time I said hello!

I based in north west England and my project car is a 1993 Toyota MR2 turbo, reasonably modified with forged engine, bigger turbo, rerouted intercooler and all that, all running on a Motec M4 (classic!) ECU! I use the car for circuit racing - only a couple a year due to costs and time commitment - so it's fully stripped out and built to MSA standards.

I've been doing the map on this engine since my old engine let go on the dyno a couple of years ago. Having an interest (and working in) IT and being fascinated by how the whole engine setup can be controlled by a bit of "programming" I thought I'd give it a go, so bought the books, the equipment, and now have a car running pretty well making good power. The problem for me now is less to do with engine tune and more to do with heat management on prolonged runs on track!

As is typically the case, now my car is done, friends are now letting me loose on their cars, so I'm getting some good experience with other configurations of the car... so far all on the 3SGTE and on the M4 or M48 Motec.

Found this site when doing a bit of surfing and thought what a brilliant idea... it took me a couple of weeks, but signed up and haven't regretted it since - interested to read about what other people are up to and the challenges (some similar to mine) that people are facing, so well done to Andre and Ben!

Good luck all!


Hi Christian,

Welcome to the forum, I'm just over the border from you, what heat management have you got in place just now?

Thanks for the welcome Chris!

Currently I have a boot mounted intercooler with scoops to draw air in from under the car and out through the back. Twin fans are mounted to the intercooler and a fan also on the boot exit to try to help draw the air through. We've just extended the intake scoop to try to grab more air... this hasn't been tested on the track yet so still waiting on the results!

I'm also thinking about changing the AIT sensor... results from other cars suggest they aren't the most accurate after some time, although I remain to be convinced on this. If all of this fails then I think it'll be time to rethink the system and put a charge cooler with front mount rad - it's difficult getting enough airflow into the back of an MR2 without making some serious cuts in the shell. We'll see - I hope it works as I don't want to spend money just changing this all around.

What temperatures are you seeing? I have a few MR2 customers and none of them really have too much trouble with IAT's

IAT of 60 degs, after which I'm pulling out boost / power. Since going in the garage last week we've found an air leak on the intake so it's been working harder than it needs to. I'm not too worried at this stage - we'll see what happens next time it's out!

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