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I have a older 2wd DynoCom DC5000 8.5in craddle roller dyno installed in my garage wich I got second hand for a really good price. Unfortunatly I run really old software and it's not as fancy as the Mainline. I don't run a shop or anything I just love working on my cars and to be self-sufficient on it. I've been tuning and building Nissan engines, mostly rb's and sr engines for about 13years now. I own a couple of R33's , an S13, an S14 and a R34 vh45det drift project car. Initially I started of tuning with the Apexi PFC's since it was plug and play in my first R33 skyline. Since I've worked on some Haltechs, MaxxECU, and link\vipec.

I'm a really big Mighty Car Mods fan and those Haltech visits with Scot/Tuning Fork is what really made me go trough with the purchase of a dyno. I particularly like the worked examples videos. Looking forward to completing all my courses to put some certificates on the wall of my garage :)

Attached is a picture of my track R33 drift car on the dyno's and track. It's a hybrid RB25/26 570whp smoke machine.

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Hi Stensvik,

Welcome to HPA, love the drift car. Would you mind sharing some more details about it in a build thread?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the welcome! Yes I plan to make some threads on the R33 driftmissile and my R34 VH45 build later. The R33 is just "thrown" together to have a working toy to drive at events while I build the R34(attached car and engine as built).

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